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Laura Marsden (Ernie)

While attending Crufts 2020 , one of my hopes was to be able to find an artist to commission a portrait of my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (Korthals Griffon), Ernie.  When I showed Tracey of Master Strokes the photo that I hoped to use, she was very enthusiastic and complimentary.  After talking with her and seeing her finished works, I knew right away that she was the artist I wanted.  I expressed my desire to capture not only Ernie’s physical attributes, but also his spiritual attributes as well.  Tracey totally understood where I was coming from.  She sent me preliminary drawings and also asked excellent questions about his coat and eye color and requested additional photos to make sure she got everything perfect.  Needless to say, the portrait of Ernie exceeded anything I could have hoped for!  Tracey is an exceptional artist and a true professional and her attention to detail is beyond description.  She truly captured all the wonderful things I see when I look at Ernie.  I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful portrait of my very special dog.  I promptly commissioned a second portrait of my dog, Chip!


Wendy Nicholas (Rupert, Bailey & Dori)

I commissioned a painting from Tracey for a big Birthday I had coming up, 
A painting of my ponies heads, we had a couple of years before had a photoshoot for the ponies so allowed Tracey access to all the shots and between us decided which shots to use, to get the best angle of each pony, 
I have loved this painting since I saw the first draft, and have to smile everytime I walk into the room and see it now, it has pride of place in my home
Everyone who comes to visit comments on how life like the boys are in it, 
When we took it to be framed the picture framer was amazed he was telling me how it is one of the best he has seen as the hair is individually added not block in, as is common with a lot of painters 
To commission a painting is not a cheap option but is worth every  penny if you choose the correct artist as I did  you end up with a beautiful piece of art that means something to you and a painting you can pass on to loved ones in years to come, to love as you do
I have no issue recommending Master Strokes and Tracey to anyone who is looking at commissioning a painting, you will get a beautiful piece of bespoke art 
Wendy Nicholas 

3 x horses.jpg

Catherine Robinson (Flint & Lucy)

Where do we possibly start with how amazing our portraits are? 

Firstly dealing with Tracey was an absolute pleasure and questions were answered quickly and we were kept in the loop with how the portraits were progressing all the way along. 

Secondly how amazing the finished pictures are are beyond words and my photographs do not do them justice sadly we lost our boy flint before his portrait was finished and when I saw it before it went off to be varnished and dried reduced me to tears - Tracey managed to get his essence into the picture. 

I was always a bit dubious about pet portraits after seeing a lot that seemed to fall flat however Tracey has a real talent and I recommend her to anyone looking to get their furry family member immortalised. 

iPhone german shepherd.JPG

Jane Harrison (Alfie & Bella)

Thank you Tracey for the amazing painting of our beloved whippets. It is incredible how you have captured them perfectly. Everybody knows their dogs well, their little personality traits and the quirky things that make them all individuals. The painting you have done of them is perfectly representative of them. Thank you so much. It means so much to us to have this painting especially as the week after hanging on our wall we sadly lost Alfie. For anyone that loves their pet (which is everyone I guess) you must ask Tracey to paint a portrait for you.

alfie & bella.jpg

Amanda Harris (Buzz, Chesney & Bowie)

I visited the Dog Lovers Show at the Glasgow SECC last year where I stumbled upon Tracy Walkers stand. The first thing that caught my eye was the incredibly detailed and life like paintings of her work she had on display, I was truly blown away. After wandering around the other stands I just couldn't get the quality of the paintings I had seen out of my head as I had always wanted a commission done of my dogs as they are so dear to myself and my family. A second visit to the stand sealed the deal after a lovely chat with Tracey about her work and a discussion and choice on a good photo to base the painting on. I was told it would be a lengthy process and would have to wait well into the following year for the results. Tracey gave me a step by step progress report on how my painting was progressing from signing off the initial sketches to a date for delivery of my completed say I was excited was an understatement! My painting finally arrived almost a year later and I could barely contain my excitement. The detail and capture of my dogs individual characters is just incredible and Traceys skill in working in oils is truly stunning. I now have the most beautiful and heart warming artwork of my cherished dogs to look at and smile at every day. It means so much to me to see them all together a wonderful piece of art that we shall cherish forever. Thank you so much Tracey Walker an incredibly talented artist x


Laura Marsden (Chip)

I recently received the portrait of my dog, Chip, from Tracey.  This is the second portrait that she did for me, and I must say it took my breath away!  It absolutely appears as if Chip is going to walk right off the canvas, it is so lifelike.  It is almost as if I could reach in and feel the texture of his coat!  It is obvious that Tracey puts so much effort into capturing the true essence of her subjects.  Ernie and Chip could not be more different from each other in personality, and Tracey was able to interpret them perfectly.  Her talent is quite remarkable and amazing.  I can never thank her enough for her time, dedication, and standard of excellence.  Ernie and Chip mean the world to me and I will treasure their portraits forever.

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